Analysis of existing platforms for social knowledge collection

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We are analyzing existing platforms for social knowledge collection, including semantic wikis, ontology editors, and other collaborative web editors for knowledge bases.

Semantic wikis are a very successful platform for social knowledge collection. (Krötzsch et al 2007) give a survey of alternative semantic wiki platforms, which include AceWiki, Ontowiki, and Tiki Wiki. A popular semantic wiki platform is Semantic Media Wiki, an extension of MediaWiki, with hundreds of installations by communities with topics as diverse as biomedical research, environmental monitoring, and hobbies. A notable installation of Semantic MediaWiki is Wikidata.

Another popular platform that is very broadly used is Drupal. Drupal is a content management system that has extensions to support structured content in RDF.

Collaborative ontology editors allow communities of users to create classes and properties that describe a domain. A popular collaborative ontology editor is Collaborative Protege.

Other platforms for social knowledge collection focus on collecting large amounts of common sense knowledge, and include Open Mind Common Sense, the Cyc FACTory, and Learner.

See (Gil 2013) below for an overview of these alternative platforms.

This work is reported in the following publications:

* “Social Knowledge Collection.” Gil, Y. In Handbook of Human Computation. 
Springer, 2013. Available as a preprint.
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